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Applied CIM Technologies, Inc.

We specialize in systems and services that improve manufacturing productivity. Our mission is to supply a cost effective solution and help people and machines be more productive.

Surfcam Workflow is the market leading software application that is specifically designed for manufacturers to reduce costs, improve quality and achieve shorter lead times. Workflow understands the component topology and required manufacturing environment therefore accelerating toolpath generation.

Surfcam Traditional is a powerful 3D CAM product that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use. With an unrivalled out of the box experience, Surfcam Traditional can help your business become even more productive and profitable.

Multi-DNC™ is the cornerstone of Spectrum CNC Technologies software suite. This multi-threaded communications and file management system enables simultaneous uploads, downloads and dripfeeding to multiple CNC controls.


CRIBWARE is a comprehensive inventory management system that enables you to control tooling costs and usage. CRIBWARE sets itself apart from other tool management systems because it offers complete planning, inventory control, purchasing and usage management in a comfortable user interface.

CRIBWARE Cloud Solutions

Your cloud hosted software solution for Tool Management, Inventory Control and Crib Management delivering complete indirect material control.

Industrial Vending

CRIBPOINT Vending and Secure Storage. When you need point of use access to materials, tools and supplies.

We Moved!

We are still a Productivity Partner but our address has changed. You will find us just down the street at 2355 Polaris Lane Suite 104

2355 Polaris Lane N
Suite 104
Minneapolis MN 55447

Phone: 763-476-4268
Fax: 763-476-1658

Thank you!