Case Studies

Read about how Vero Software products benefit customers in our case studies section.

BJB Enterprises

Casting and Mold-Material Specialist BJB Enterprises Eliminates Outsourcing and Increases Efficiency with Surfcam Traditional

F-D-S Manufacturing Company

"We’re a Surfcam house, really. Once we had Surfcam, we were able to

cut programming down 50 to one. “

GCX Mounting Solutions

With Surfcam Traditional, GCX Mounting Solutions produces medical instrument and IT mounting solutions that can be found in hospitals worldwide.

BD Customs

BD Customs uses the power and flexibility of Surfcam

Traditional to fulfill a wide range of customer demands

ADM Works

“The simplicity of the software and the amazing code put out to the machine is what we enjoy most about it. It’s software that is easy to use but creates amazing toolpath.”

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